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Reno's property market has been a sellers market for the last year or so and that doesn't appear to be changing any time soon, according to local experts.

The Sellers Advantage in the Reno Real Estate Market Continues

Housing prices are continuing to rise in the area, a trend that doesn't seem to be slowing down, as prices continue to inch up towards record highs. Now, coupled with that is a real inventory crunch. There has been a lack of new home construction builds which is driving more people into the Reno rental market.

The Rental Market is Reno is Booming

The housing market isn't the only place where there has been dramatic growth; the Reno rental market is also in a boom as well.

Many experts point to increased prices and low vacancy rates as something that will continue over the short term. However, there are currently residential apartment units under construction and planned in the coming years which should ease the tight inventory somewhat.

Much of the boom in rentals has been due to the proximity Reno has to the Tesla factory in nearby Sparks. The location is a prime spot for those looking to get a good job at Tesla while living in a city with a nice quality of life.

If you're currently a landlord or property owner who wants to capitalize on the current boom in the Reno rental market, consider working with a local property management company in Reno.

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