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Like many cities across the country, the property market in Richmond is feeling an inventory squeeze. The lack of inventory has ripples throughout the rest of the real estate market in Richmond as home prices continue to rise and competition is fierce between buyers.

The Low Inventory Dominates the Richmond Real Estate Market

When the property market sees a lack of inventory and those seeking affordable entry-level homes are being priced out, the rental market usually begins to heat up.

This is the case with the rental market in Richmond too. Moreover, the competitive Richmond property market doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon as economic growth is projected to rise. Anticipated increases in defense and military contractor spending are expected to bring more jobs to the region.

Why You Should Work with a Richmond Property Management Company

When there is a robust real estate market, property managers and landlords can find all sorts of new potential opportunities they might not have been able to leverage before.

In order to identify opportunities to improve current units or expand your portfolio, consider working with a property management company in Richmond. These professionals understand the local market and can help you navigate the ins and outs of renovation, marketing, and screening tenants, all with the aim of getting your units off the market as quickly as possible for the best rates.

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