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Specialty # of Agencies
Single House or Condo 1
Apartment Buildings 0
Home Owners Association 1
Total Local Companies 3

Peoria, IL Rental Market Overview

Peoria Property Management Companies

About Peoria

Peoria is an epicenter for performance theatre, distilleries and breweries and the home of Caterpillar tractors headquarters. Hosting a population of over 100,000 people, Peoria is an excellent place for a laid back and cultured lifestyle. Attractions such as the Spirit of Peoria paddle wheel boat add to the quaint, family-values charm of the city. A portion of downtown is dedicated to entertainment (theatre, music, arts, etc.). Lofts and homes on the waterfront have a spectacular view of the Illinois River.

Peoria Rental Market at a Glance

With a consistent real estate market, Peoria is a safe choice to have a go at a real estate investment and turn profits.

  Peoria Area US
Population 115,007 380 million
Percentage of renters 30.3% 34.0%
Rental vacancy rate 8.73% 8.4%
Median house price $50,100 $185,400
Median income $44,893 $51,425
Median rent $900 $817

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