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Spokane, WA Rental Market Overview

Very few cities in the Northwest are as popular a place to lease a rental property than Spokane, Washington - a community with a rich history and a growing population.

Located just below the Canadian border and along the eastern edge of Washington, right next to the Rockies, Spokane is a picturesque city that is home to residents who work in the burgeoning biotech industry and with the area's vast natural resources.

Billions of dollars have been provided for upgrades to the downtown area of the Lilac City in recent years, which has created an even more inviting atmosphere. Improvements to the neighborhood include shopping developments, a convention center, a hotel and a theater.

Residents of Spokane often enjoy taking part in recreational activities outdoors, including biking and hiking the metro area's numerous trails, as well as fishing and boating in the extensive nearby waterways, such as the Spokane River.

Property Management Companies Can Greatly Assist Spokane Property Owners

Though not well known as one of the nation's biggest cities, Spokane is, and continues to grow at a rapid pace due to steady economic development in the area. With this rise in the number of residents moving to the city, rental property investors may want to put down capital on a property or two in Spokane.

There are many rental property management companies awaiting calls from residence owners in need of their services, which often include dealing with tenant and maintenance needs, as well as performing other duties to help out owners.

Spokane Rental Market at a Glance

The Inland Empire Rental Association told the news station KHQ Local in June 2011 there were three times as many rental applications during the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2010.

Citing information from the Washington Center for Real Estate Research, the news station also reports the average rental rate in Spokane increased roughly 7 percent on an annual basis.

Finding Spokane Property Management Companies

Locating the right property management company for you is vital to ensuring your business is run smoothly and efficiently.

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