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Orange County as a whole, and especially Irvine, has been seen huge growth in the rental market over the last few years. Real estate experts and economists project that the super hot rental market in Irvine isn't going to slow down any time soon.

The Rental Market in Irvine Continues to Boom

While the housing property market is projected to see more modest growths, the same can't be said for the rental market. A healthy job market and growing economy are contributing to the most significant factors of why the property market in Irvine is seeing so many gains.

Currently, the unemployment rate in Irvine is lower than the national average, and at the same time, it's projected job growth over the next decade is higher than many places around the country. So, the economic engine looks like it will continue to churn in Orange County.

Why You Need to Work With a Property Manager in Irvine

A tight rental market that isn't projected to slow anytime soon means that there is some opportunity for property owners and landlords. The vacancy rate in Irvine is low which is helping to drive rental prices up for many units.

Working with a local Irvine property management company and real estate professional can help you determine the best strategy for showcasing your units, screening tenants, and setting the rates that are going to give you the highest market value.

If this sounds like advice you'd be interested in receiving, consider working with one of the local property management companies in Irvine found on the list below. Get in touch for more information today.