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For years, Boise has been quietly cited as one of America's best small cities for affordable living, job growth, and lifestyle. Another significant factor for the boom in Boise is job growth.

The Boise Property Market is the Middle of a Boom

With a population jump that has brought many new and relocating people to the area over the past few years, some experts say Idaho is the fastest growing state in the country, the real estate market in Boise is feeling the effects.

Now, the housing market in Boise is getting hit with low inventory and steadily rising prices as there is more competition to get into the market.

Renters Make Up Half of Boise's Real Estate Market

The high housing costs have caused some people to look to the Boise rental market as an alternative.

However, there is a shortage of currently available units, and new construction builds on the horizon as the city decides how it should approach the need for residential apartment buildings. So, it doesn't appear that the housing shortage is going to slow down anytime soon.

Current estimates are that half of the people in the property market in Boise are renters. For property owners and landlords, the drive in the rental market and the need for new units can be something they can leverage now and into the long term.

Working with a local Boise property management company can help you navigate the current market and determine a strategy that is going to best for your future goals.

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