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Inventory and time on the market have been hitting new lows as the hot real estate market in Chesapeake continues to favor sellers.

The Chesapeake Property Market is Favoring Sellers

Low interest rates combined with increases in consumer confidence and rising prices mean that the available units on the market are seeing quite a bit of competition from buyers.

The race to get properties could only increase over the long term as experts are projecting there will be more job growth in the region as there is more defense spending planned in the coming years.

This market squeeze is helping to grow the rental market in Chesapeake as there aren't enough affordable homes to buy in the region.

Should You be Working With a Property Management Company in Chesapeake?

Many landlords and property owners who team up with Chesapeake property management companies are happy they did. These experts also work with local real estate professionals to watch market trends and determine the right time to showcase or renovate units so they will hit the rental market in Chesapeake at just the right moment.

Property managers can also help with maintaining units, expanding marketing efforts to new channels, and screening for tenants as well.

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