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While the housing market has been heating up generally all over Virginia, the property market in Norfolk has been increasingly focusing on renters.

Renters Outpace Buyers in a Strong Norfolk Rental Market

A lack of inventory in affordable, particularly entry level housing, has been driving more people into the rental market in Norfolk. The demand has been high and that is projected to continue in the coming years. However, builders are responding with over 3,000 new residential units either currently being built or in the planning stages.

Another factor contributing to slower growth in the Norfolk property market has been marginal growth in defense spending, a major economic engine in the region. As this is projected to rise, jobs should increase and more robust economic growth should return.

A Property Management Company in Norfolk Can Help You

With a slower real estate market and a higher focus on rentals, there are lots of opportunities to be found in the Norfolk rental market.

Property owners who are looking to expand their holdings might find a buyer's market tempting. And, landlords who want to position their units to get off the market quickly and for a good value will see the potential in increasing numbers of renters.

A local property management company in Norfolk can help you navigate both of these options and more. Working with real estate professionals Norfolk property management companies can assist you in everything from finding tenants to maintaining units and finding new marketing channels.

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