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Specialty # of Agencies
Single House or Condo 3
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Home Owners Association 2
Total Local Companies 5

The average rent for a 3 bedroom house in Pittsburgh, PA is $1,069.00. When you receive your requested free market assessment, compare the average rent to what a property manager expects your property to rent for before making your decision on which manager to hire.

Pittsburgh, PA Rental Market Overview

Pittsburgh, has emerged as a substantial urban center during the past few decades, evolving into a city with a diverse blend of businesses and a growing cultural scene, making the metro a hotbed for renting.

Among numerous publications and media outlets, Pittsburgh has long ranked highly as a great place to settle down. The Steel City was once known for the blue-collar industry, but has now grown to include various companies from fields such as healthcare, tech, education and finance.

With many edifices built during the 19th and 20th centuries still standing throughout the city today, Pittsburgh is home to a variety of unique landmarks - a number of which house theatrical performances, concerts and other types of arts, such as Heinz Hall.

The City of Champions earned its nickname mostly due to the pride and joy of the city, the NFL's Steelers, who have brought several titles to Pittsburgh. However, the city also boasts the Penguins of the NHL and the Pirates of MLB.

The Greater Pittsburgh Area hosts numerous colleges and universities, including the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University and Westminster College, which has led to a spike in the number of students leasing apartments in the metro region.

Property Management Companies Can Greatly Assist Pittsburgh Property Owners

Solid rental demand and affordable property prices in the metro Pittsburgh area means you're investment dollars may be best spent on a residence in the Steel City.

After you've bought a single-family or multifamily property in the city, you can turn your focus to another important investment - a property management team to operate your units on a daily basis.

By employing a manager, you'll find you don't have to deal with the particulars of your apartment, such as interviewing applicants, cleaning up the yard and ensuring maintenance is taken care of, as property management companies handle all of these duties and tasks for you.

Pittsburgh Rental Market at a Glance

Rental Occupancy Rate, Q1 2011: 96.2 percent

Rental Occupancy Rate, Q2, 2011: 96.7 percent

Statistics courtesy of MPF Research

Finding Pittsburgh Property Management Companies

Locating the right property management company for you is vital to ensuring your business is run smoothly and efficiently.

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Top Single Family Managers

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3279 W Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

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91 Pennsylvania Ave
Oakmont, PA 15139

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3279 W Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15216

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100 Center Ave
West View, PA 15229

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Top Association Managers

290 Perry Highway
Pittsburgh, PA 15229

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Homeowners are at the center of everything we do. Over 25 years of providing pro-active community property solutions.

2400 Ansys Drive , Suite 102
Cannonsburg, PA 15317

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800 S. Gay Street , Suite 700
Knoxville, TN 37929

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