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Like much of the greater Phoenix area, the property market in Chandler continues to be red hot. Across the board in this market the home prices, the number of sales, and the growth rates have gone up. None of these appear to be dramatically slowing down anytime soon.

The Real Estate Market in Chandler Stays Hot

The time properties spend on the market continues to go down and there is a real lack of inventory, especially in the more affordable end of the market.

Experts have projected that while growth will continue over the coming years, the pace of growth will likely be slower. There is a continued need for new units to be built in and around Phoenix, especially more affordable housing.

The Inventory Squeeze Boosts the Chandler Rental Market

The lack of inventory in Chandler has had impacts on the rental market in the area as well. With a very tight inventory of single family homes, more people are finding it's cheaper to rent than try to buy as prices continue to rise.

For local property owners and landlords, this presents a good opportunity to leverage their existing units in the Chandler rental market. If you'd like to see the potential available, consider working with a local Chandler property management company.

Property management companies in Chandler have experts who can help you navigate the market, find new channels to showcase your units, and provide a screening process for potential tenants.

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