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Home prices have shot up over the last few years in Scottsdale, making it a very competitive market. Economists project that growth, while still robust, is expected to slow slightly in the coming years though the property market in Scottsdale will remain strong.

A Strong Future is Expected for the Scottsdale Real Estate Market

In addition to home prices being on the rise, the number of available properties on the market has decreased. However, the property market in Scottsdale isn't in an inventory crunch just yet as there has been a bevy of new builds going up around the greater Phoenix metropolitan area.

Recently, Scottsdale was listed as one of the top 10 cities in America for finding a good job. The influx of people is good news for property owners and landlords who are operating in the Scottsdale rental market.

Scottsdale is Home to a Hot Job Market

With job growth on the rise and a high quality of life, Scottsdale has become a very attractive city for Millennials seeking new opportunities as well as boomers who are looking for better climates.

The number of people moving to and staying in Scottsdale means there is a lot of opportunity for property owners and landlords who are looking to leverage the growing economy and showcase their units.

One way to ensure you see success with your units is by working with a local Scottsdale property management company. They can be the perfect partner to help you renovate and market your units as well as screen tenants and manage repairs.

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