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Surprise, AZ Rental Market Overview

Suburbia at the Edge of the Desert
If you want to get away from Downtown Phoenix but you don't want to live in the middle of the desert, Surprise Arizona is about as far as you can go to the northwest. In 2010 the U.S. Census Bureau recognized this suburb as the second-fastest growing municipality in the Phoenix metropolitan area. Only Gilbert grew faster. While neighboring Sun City features communities with age restrictions, Surprise is far more family friendly and features recently constructed homes. In recent years families relocating to the Phoenix region would rent homes in Sunrise and other outlying communities prior to finding and buying a home of their own in the area. Because almost all of the large multi-unit apartment complexes in Surprise are located along the busy, six-lane West Bell Road, independent single-home landlords have a significant advantage over big developers. The single-home neighborhoods here offer significant appeal to prospective tenants seeking quiet housing away from traffic congestion and commercial strips.

New Construction Creates More Competition among Developers

Between 2012 and 2013 Phoenix added more than 100,000 new jobs, making it one of the leading job growth metropolitan areas in the United States. While the Marcus & Millichap 2013 National Apartment Report notes a steady decline in Phoenix vacancies, recently more than 2,600 new apartment units were completed in nearby Tempe, Chandler and Scottsdale. As development increases small landlords in outlying regions like Surprise will need to optimize their marketing strategies for effective exposure. Do-it-yourself landlords who post images from their handheld phones on Craigslist will be hard-pressed to keep pace with developers producing websites with eye-catching imbedded videos. That's why savvy property entrepreneurs often consult with real estate professionals at a local property management company. In many cases property managers around Surprise already know which marketing channels are the most effective in Arizona, and which ones are half-baked. Most are flexible enough to provide one-time advice or ongoing maintenance and financial management services. Take a moment to review the profiles of Surprise property management companies and request your free information today.

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