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Where Tampa continues to shine compared to many other cities in Florida is its growth. It has seen a steady increase in labor force rates and residential employment while the unemployment rate continues to decrease.

Strong Economic Trends Help Boost Property in Tampa

Tampa has a strong leisure and hospitality based economy, which is centered around Florida’s largest port, the Port of Tampa Bay. Projected healthcare and tech growth in the area has helped to not only create more jobs but attract people from all over the country, particularly the Northeast.

If you're a property owner in Tampa, these new incoming residents provide an excellent opportunity to expand upon or improve your current portfolio.

The Tampa Property Market Continues to Rise

Since hitting a low in 2012, the Tampa, Florida property market has been doing nothing but going up. These trends are predicted to continue over the coming years. The economic factors mentioned are certainly part of it, but Tampa continues to be a top city for relocation, especially from cold weather climates.

An influx of new renters combined with increasing property prices means property investors are in a great position. And while demand is projected to continue to remain sufficient for the next few years, a lack of surplus housing means landlords and property owners can look to improve their rental rates and return on investment.

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