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The average rent for a 3 bedroom house in Stockton, CA is $1,453.00. When you receive your requested free market assessment, compare the average rent to what a property manager expects your property to rent for before making your decision on which manager to hire.

Stockton, CA Rental Market Overview

Located in the middle of California is Stockton, a city home to nearly 300,000 residents that is connected to the San Francisco Bay through the San Joaquin River near the state's capital, Sacramento.

Similar to many other California cities, Stockton is grand in size and population, which has grown by roughly 50,000 since the turn of the century. The rise in residency in Stockton has led to a spike in new home and building construction, and attracted many businesses to the city.

Though the city is known for its agricultural roots, the manufacturing and tech industries, among several others, have boosted the local economy in recent years. Renewable energy companies are moving to Stockton as well - an industry expected to yield great returns for area businesses and residents in the coming years.

Also, the University of the Pacific tops a list of premier schools which attract students from all over. Many undergrads choose Pacific due to its numerous program and degree offerings and close location to many major cities.

Many Property Management Firms Operating in Stockton

Investors looking for some of the most affordable housing units in California that appeal to a high number of renters may not find a better locale than Stockton.

Rents are expected to jump in the city because of high demand in the area for rental properties. This means investors with enough capital to purchase a single-family or multifamily property could make a killing in the city.

Once the right residence has been bought, the final step for investors is to hire a property management firm to ensure they get a substantial return on investment. These teams offer services related to maintenance and tenant needs.

Stockton Rental Market at a Glance

Median Single-Family Home Price, November 2011: $134,635

Single-Family Home Inventory, November 2011: 1,163

Statistics courtesy of Altos Research

CNNMoney named the Stockton housing market as one of the 10 best for property investors for 2011, due to projected rising rents - 11 percent - through 2014, as well as home price drops of roughly 4 percent during that period.

Finding Stockton Property Management Companies

Locating the right property management company for you is vital to ensuring your business is run smoothly and efficiently.

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Corporate Office , 2701 Del Paso Rd Suite #130112
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