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We are the largest network of property management services on the Internet. We’re helping rebuild the real estate industry by providing property owners the resources to turn their real estate holdings into thriving, lucrative investments.

We feel privileged to celebrate a decade of providing superior customer service! We happily focus on helping homeowners maximize their rental income potential by connecting them with a local, professional property managers.

Founded in 2004, we help people that own real estate – and who would like to rent their property – find professional landlords to manage the rental process: Locating and screening tenants, handling maintenance issues, collecting rent, and more.

Who We Help

Annually, APM is the intermediary between 33,500 homeowners and 2,500 property management companies in North America. We touch peoples’ lives in every corner of the continent, helping everyday homeowners find peace of mind, and helping hard-working property managers grow their small businesses.

Company Culture

APM is a growing small company with lots of opportunity, owned by Buildium a leader in providing easy-to-use, affordable cloud property management software solutions to property managers and community associations.

Our success is driven by a diverse, hardworking, and incredibly fun team. The main office is in Pioneer Square, and our account services office is in Winthrop, WA, a charming town in the North Cascades.


The current attractiveness of housing rentals as an institutional investment is undeniable:

"Having followed this market for the past several years, I believe it represents one of the most compelling investment opportunities available across all asset classes today."  

- Oliver Chang, head of U.S. housing strategy at Morgan Stanley, who left his firm in May 2012 to start his own buy-to-rent housing fund.

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We are looking for real estate related websites and quality website publishers to join our network.

If you are a website publisher with an audience that includes income property owners, our comprehensive network of property managers and transaction platform may be a valuable addition to your business. We offer several pay-for-performance partnering solutions, all of which can be customized to meet your needs.

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