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Why You Need a Commercial Property Management Company

While it may be possible to manage a small commercial property on your own, if you're hoping to expand your portfolio of properties—or just want to free up your own time—hiring a property management company can be a smart, cost-effective investment.

A commercial property manager can:

  • Fill vacancies in a timely manner
  • Maximize the value of your lease agreements
  • Handle both day-to-day and emergency maintenance
  • Build and maintain good relationships with tenants
  • Take care of accounting and provide regular financial statements

No matter what the scale of your commercial property, a professional property management company can help improve your ROI.

What should I look for in a commercial property management company?

Managing commercial properties requires different expertise than the management of residential buildings. While there is some overlap in the skills required, you should look for a property management company that is either specifically dedicated to commercial property management or has a team devoted exclusively to commercial.

In addition to the skills that residential property managers typically provide, commercial property management firms often also provide asset management, and work with you to ensure that your investment is a profitable one. Specific asset management services typically include analysis of the following:

  • Investment strategies and development opportunities
  • Lease proposals
  • Cash flow and general financials
  • Risk

Commercial property management companies typically have experience managing multimillion dollar portfolios in addition to providing large scale professional facilities management.

How can I find a commercial property management company?

Use All Property Management's database to find commercial property management companies who manage real estate in your area, then get in touch with the companies that interest you by filling out requests for free quotes. No matter what the size of your business, we have companies that can work with you to maximize the profitability of your properties.