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Should You Hire an HOA Property Management Company?

Hiring a Professional Property Manager for your HOA or Condo Association is the surest way to build value for you and your fellow homeowners. They bring the latest professional standards and proven cost-effective methods to make your Association more responsive and effective in meeting your community's needs.

A professional HOA management company can deliver the following key results:

  • Faster response times
  • Safe and efficient financial management, including dues collection, reporting and funds control
  • Better governance and legal compliance
  • Fairness and equity in handling disputes
  • Better vendor relations and discounts on required services

Approximately 75% of Homeowner associations are managed by professional management companies. Finding the firm to best fits your needs is what we're all about.

What should I look for in a professional HOA manager?

The most effective attributes a successful HOA Property Management Company can have are: 1.) the ability to handle day-to-day issues without supervision 2.) guide the Board's decision-making processes and 3.) be responsive to homeowners.

Naturally, a successful HOA manager should be professionally competent in all aspects of Association Management and have the requisite certifications and track record to perform their required duties. But there are other attributes that are important to be a successful HOA service provider.

Homeowners have more permanence than renters, so effective HOA Management must consider the long-term implications of its actions differently than a typical property management firm. Consistency, longevity and proven experience are important considerations, as are the interpersonal skills of the firm's managers in dealing with conflicts, emergencies and the expressed interests of the Board in improving their community.

With this in mind, it's important to hire an HOA management company that has proven methods for managing group politics and negotiating agreements among members with conflicting points of view. As you interview potential HOA managers, be sure to focus a significant portion of your discussions on understanding each manager's typical communication methods and tactics for conflict resolution

How can I find HOA management companies near me?

Most HOA boards interview several managers before making a final decision about which company to hire. All Property Management has an extensive network of qualified HOA Management Companies to choose from along with helping learning resources to help you get the best results for your specific needs. Please keep in mind that selecting a firm is a long term decision and changeover costs can be high, so make sure you review candidates thoroughly before making a final decision.