Most Expensive Places to Buy a Home Near Augusta Georgia

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Creative Commons License photo credit: neuroticcamel

The search for a high-end home starts with a high quality Realtor and specific details the client wants in a home. Expensive homes near or close to Augusta, Georgia are of quality and beauty. These million dollar homes are only the start to a new lifestyle in this safe and sunny city.
There are many neighborhoods to choose from while looking for an up-scale home. One of the most affluent and historic residential areas is in a small town located northwest of downtown Augusta. Summerville, commonly called “The Hill,” was built in the 18th century and deems architectural styles such as Greek, Victorian, and Romanesque. Many of these ample homes are traditional and even date back to the 1800s. With an abundance of land (usually an acre or more), these homes are in safe neighborhoods that are correlated to great school districts.
Commonly referred to as “the birth of a new Summerville neighborhood,” Carnes Place is an extension of the historic Summerville with a modern touch to the traditional homes that Summerville offers. With aesthetics that will please even the most particular of people, these homes give an air of allure and class. Lot sizes are considerably large and the houses are placed in such a way that privacy is not a problem, but interaction among neighbors is prodigious.
While Summerville is full of history and beauty, the West Lake Country Club may be more in tune for modern families. Although West Lake began building many of their homes in the late 1960s, there is a broad selection of beautiful new houses, as well as older houses that are completely renovated. This gated community has many amenities for those who want their entertainment near-by. Some of the features in this neighborhood include a private golf course, tennis courts, Olympic size swimming pool, fitness center, and fine dining. Houses in West Lake range anywhere from the mid-150s to the low one millions.
While these prestigious areas are perfect for a home, there is a plethora of places to choose from in the beautiful city of Augusta, Georgia. Finding the right home is just a key turn away.