30 Words to Use In Your Rental Description

rental living room

Writing an eye-catching rental ad can be a challenging task, especially when it comes to avoiding vague or over-used adjectives. At any given moment, a quick scan of Craigslist ads will no doubt reveal many “nice,” “charming,” “spacious,” “clean,” “perfect” rental homes available for the taking. While the first job of any good rental ad is to describe the basic specs of the home—number of bedrooms and bathrooms, square footage, etc—using enticing adjectives can also help drive phone calls. With this in mind, here are some descriptive words you can use when advertising your rental:

  • Vintage, Period, Original: If your home has old-fashioned architectural charm, describe the individual elements that contribute to that charm.
  • New, Modern, Trendy: On the flip-side, if your rental has of-the-moment appeal, outline its in-demand features.
  • Formal, Elegant, Relaxed, Casual: What type of mood or atmosphere does your home’s design inspire? Try to give potential tenants a sense of the rental’s ambiance.
  • Energy-efficient, Green: If your rental has energy-efficient features such as double-paned windows, Energy-Star rated appliances,or a programmable thermostat, be sure to list those.
  • Oversized, Generous: Anything that’s larger than a renter might expect—from the master bedroom to the linen closet—should be highlighted.
  • Granite, Cherry, Travertine, Pottery Barn, Benjamin Moore: If your home features luxurious or brand-name finishes, call these out.
  • View of, Overlooks: Whether it faces a well-kept garden, a tree-lined street, or a dramatic city skyline, describe the best features of your rental’s view.
  • Private, Secluded, Quiet, Friendly, Lively, Urban: Tell renters what to expect from the neighborhood.
  • Near, Convenient, Steps from: List nearby amenities, such as great schools, public transportation, freeway access, dining and shopping opportunities.

To come up with more possibilities, read through 10 or 20 rental ads before sitting down to write your own. Note which words and phrases spark your interest, then try to come up with lists of synonyms, keeping in mind that the goal is to differentiate yourself from the competition.