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There are millions of homes for rent across the nation, whether you are a student looking for temporary housing, a new resident to the area, or a visitor on vacation. Renting a home can be a short term or long term commitment and can be found through a realtor, real estate broker, online, in the paper, or even just by looking for signs in the desired area.

In Q3 2008, the median asking rent for the nation rose only 8.45% to $719 from the same time a year before, and vacancies for rental houses rose slightly from 9.8% to 9.9%1. Despite this ?sluggish? behavior, renting homes is still a common occurrence due to the benefits to the renter. For example, when renting a home, the renter can have the amenities of a house and lot without worrying about the stresses of homeownership like repairs, improvements and, of course, the mortgage. Moreover, for many, renting allows for a quick and easy transition to a new neighborhood or the ability to move to an area where he or she cannot yet afford to purchase a house.

Also, for homeowners who have just bought a new home and are having difficulty selling their old ones, renting rather than selling might be a reasonable option to cover the mortgage and retain the equity of the house. While it puts them in the position of landlord, with the varied and sometimes time-consuming responsibilities, it can be a steady second income. If a homeowner wants to rent, but doesn"t want the responsibilities of being a landlord, a property manager or management team can be hired to oversee the leasing process and upkeep of the property.

Homes for rent are found in every city throughout the country. If you are looking for a place to vacation, a short term place to live, or long term housing, renting a home is an easy, affordable solution.

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