Property management professionals

Property management professionals can most easily be described as any person working in the property management industry who has the necessary training or experience to work as part of a property management team or as an independent property manager.

Property managers, whether onsite or offsite, or for a residential or commercial property, handle a broad range of tasks that ensure an income property is running smoothly; the tasks can include administrative, financial and operational duties. In addition, managers become the "go to" source for the owner, current tenants and prospective tenants for the property.

When managing a property or portfolio becomes too large a task for a single property manager, a management team can be hired. A management team is often comprised of specialists in each area of management to ensure all aspects of the investment are constantly being taken care of. These specialists, also considered property management professionals, might include the following: an accountant, legal counsel, certified support specialist, professional administrator, facilities manager or coordinator, real estate agent, systems maintenance administrator, office manager, asset manager, risk management specialist, and other financial, administrative or operational experts. Many of these positions require additional training or professional designations and are integral to the success of a management team.

Also, "property management professionals" is a popular tag line and advertising point for many property management companies as it emphasizes the training or experience their managers have.

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