What is Property Management for Dummies?

Property Management for Dummies, written by Robert S. Griswold, MBA and published in April of 2001, is highly touted as a complete reference for property managers. Relevant for both seasoned professionals and those just looking into becoming a property manager, it seems managers, professors and laymen alike all find it a valuable resource.

The book acknowledges the need to be well versed in a wide range of tasks including advertising and marketing, public relations, maintenance, accounting and even counseling. In addition, Property Management for Dummies proclaims itself to be humorous as well as useful and covers strategies and topics most relevant to succeeding in the field. The book contains information on a wide range of topics including these, as stated in its description: evaluating the reader's skills and personality to see whether they have what it takes to be a landlord; keeping rental units occupied with paying tenants who don't destroy the property; moving in new tenants and moving them out - and everything in between; assembling the right team of professionals to help, from employees to contractors; insuring the property and understanding the taxes that go with it; and looking for additional sources of income beyond rent, including the opportunities and pitfalls of lease options.1

As books on property management go, Property Management for Dummies seems to be very popular choice as a class textbook, reference guide and foundation of information and strategy for property managers everywhere. Carried in bookstores across the nation and online, this volume does not seem to be in any danger of going out of print.

1Product Description for Property Management for Dummies. Accessed April 3rd, 2009.:
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