What is there online about property management?

The internet offers a number of different ways to get involved with property management. From educational articles, training programs

and professional organizations, to management companies, software, and interactive websites, many facets of property management are

covered online.

For example, there are property managers of all niches and experience levels who share their knowledge via blogs, online articles, and

forums throughout the internet. Through discussions, information exchange, and even free forms and contract templates, the online

community of active property managers is a valuable resource.

Also, a number of property managers and management companies utilize websites to advertise their services or available properties, and

communicate with owners and tenants. For tenants, some managers offer rental applications, work requests and bill pay online to make

their company easier to work with and more accessible; for owners, some sites have private or password protected sections with updated

reports and information on the status of the property.

Another online management tool is property management software and it is fast becoming a must have for all types of property managers.

As a paperless way to consolidate, track, file and organize information on a property or portfolio, more and more managers are turning to

online-based programs and downloadable software to make running a property that much easier. Read more about software options in

the property management software or free property management software articles.

If you are interested in becoming a property manager, there are countless training, accreditation and professional designation programs

available online. Some are seminars which last only a few hours, and others are intensive programs that require months of classes and

exams. For additional information, visit the property management college or property management training pages.

With today's emphasis on technology and being online, property management has certainly not been left behind. With a strong presence in

education, business, and information exchange on the web, the property management industry has taken advantage of having a presence


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