How To Start A Career in Property Management

Creative Commons License photo credit: Jug Jones

Are you thinking about a career in property management? If so, congratulations! You’re entering a very rewarding and challenging career that will offer you versatile and ever changing opportunities.

Having a business degree isn’t necessary but will definitely give you an edge on the competition in the field and will also help you understand and organize the business a little better. While a business degree isn’t necessary, some property management training courses probably are. If your area doesn’t have any classes consider getting as much accreditation as you can online.

If there are local certifications for property managers, sign up for tests and classes and gather all the certifications you can. Join professional management groups and increase your reputation and your networking circle.

A background in real estate will also give you an edge over the competition. Getting a realtor’s license isn’t a bad idea and spending some time working in realty in your area will give you a better feel for the local rental market. Something to note is that large realty companies often have their own property management services and you could work into that department.