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14 of the Best Landlord Software Solutions in 2023

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If you own a rental property, you may want to keep an active role in finding tenants, managing repairs, and getting the most revenue from your investment. On the other hand, you might prefer to step back and put property management on autopilot as much as possible. 

The beauty of landlord software is that it can assist you with either approach. There are all kinds of solutions out there, and with the right combination, you can manage your property your way with less effort and a more significant ROI. 

This guide will show you how to find that winning combination of tools, with details on some of the leading software available for different parts of property management. 

Landlord Property Management Software vs. Generic Software 

If you want to stay on top of that never-ending to-do list, software that’s purpose-built for property management is a must. 


Let’s just say that if you only use generic software such as MS Office® or Quickbooks® to handle various tasks, you’re barely scratching the surface of how technology can simplify the stressful landlord life.  

High-quality landlord software has features designed specifically for those who manage properties, to help them complete very specific tasks, such as handling deposits or conducting property inspections, quickly and easily.  

Think about the time and resources you would save with automated rent reminders for tenants, maintenance task-management workflows that put your requests and work orders in one place, and accounting tools that include bookkeeping templates—not to mention the specialized support that comes with many property management software solutions.  

We’ll explore these features in detail below. 

Property Management Software Features to Consider

When searching for small landlord property management software, consider the following features within each solution. 

Flexible Payment Options and Creative Incentives   

Tenant payment software should allow you to customize due dates and amounts for your tenants and keep a clear record for your team. 

Take customization further with tools that incentivize on-time payments through rent reporting, which boosts the credit scores of renters who pay on time consistently. 

Ideally, these features should be easy to set up, come at low or no cost to you, and provide real value to tenants. Depending on your location, you may even be able to charge a small fee and gain some additional recurring revenue. Be sure to check state and local laws first. 

A Mobile App for Payments and Management 

When deciding which small landlord property management software is right for you, look for a secure solution that features a mobile app or, at the very least, a mobile-friendly payment feature through a browser. A mobile app is ideal for residents to make and track payments, as well as to check on a unit's rent status and send reminders promptly.  

But why stop at payments? Handle other critical jobs, such as conducting inspections and scheduling showings from a mobile app. On-the-go features, such as the ability to snap a photo on your phone during a walkthrough or access potential applicants' contact details, ensure you get the most out of your tech investment.   

Automated Reminders and Due Date Alerts   

Automated reminders and push notifications mean less time contacting tenants to find late or missing payments. Many small landlord property management software solutions include an option to set up automatic payments. Tenants can make recurring payments via ACH or credit card and never worry again about late or missing checks. 

You can use notifications to stay on top of the progress of maintenance work and time-sensitive transactions that are important to your bottom line, as well. 

Secure Records in Real Time 

Having a digital record of each message, invoice, and report makes it easier to stay on top of day-to-day bookkeeping and tax reporting. It also gives you a detailed record to look back on during disputes. 

Security you can trust is essential for every landlord. You’re handling tenants' sensitive personal and financial information. The best landlord software is secure and often safer than manual methods.  

A secure system of record means you’ll unlock all these benefits without worrying if your or your tenants’ data is protected. 

Integration and Support for Additional Landlord Software Solutions 

You may already have a few apps you’re using to run your day-to-day. But how do you keep those organized? A good landlord app will allow for integrations, so you can centralize your technology and not have to jump from app to app.  

Once you’ve identified the most crucial landlord software features, it’s time to determine if the software you’re considering allows you to add on other tools and apps. That builds in space for your real estate investments to grow over time and ensures you aren't changing software every year or so.

14 Best Landlord Software Solutions Reviewed

Now you have the features in mind that you’re looking for, it’s time to find the right software solution. Below, we’ll walk through our 14  favorite landlord software options, each option's features, and where to learn more.  

These landlord apps run the gamut of property management software—from apps that help you screen tenants and manage maintenance to full-suite solutions that handle every aspect of property management. 

And speaking of property management, we’ve even included an app to help you find a property manager, so you can shift most—if not all—of the work off your plate. 

We’ve searched far and wide to find 14 of the best landlord property management software solutions, so you don’t have to. Let’s dive in.

1. All Property Management: Leading Landlord Software to Find Expert Help

best landlord software APM

Let’s begin our list with the all-in-one human solution that boosts your profits and shrinks your budget like no other: hiring a property manager. In fact, If you’d like to skip the rest of this article, we recommend you start and end with All Property Management® (APM).  

APM is, no surprise, our favorite online service that finds the best local property managers so landlords and property owners barely have to lift a finger.   

On APM’s site, you can access industry tips, FAQs, and in-depth guides on the different aspects of property management, including everything from repairs to local regulations. There’s even a rent calculator to help you strike that balance between affordability for your tenants and profitability for you. 

APM’s defining feature, however, is its Find a Property Manager search tool. It makes it easy to find and compare the best property management companies in your area that meet your specific needs. 


Whether you’re the landlord of a single rental property or multiple units, APM connects you with qualified property managers who can help maximize your investment and minimize stress.   

With a nationwide network of property management companies, APM makes finding the right fit for your unique needs and budget easy.  

All Property Management allows landlords to:  

  • Conduct a custom search based on your property type and ZIP code 
  • Review results for top local property managers based on your search parameters 
  • Compare property management quotes to find your best options  
  • Chat with a property manager and discuss needs before signing a contract 

APM’s website offers additional property owner resources, such as: 


The best part? All Property Management is free for property owners. Start your search today. 

2. Buildium: Comprehensive Property Management Software 

best landlord software Buildium

Buildium® has an array of features that cover multiple property types. And, if Buildium doesn’t have a tool you need, one of their Marketplace partners likely does. This makes it easy to customize the software to fit your property management needs. Additionally, Buildium offers excellent customer support to help you navigate any issues or questions while using the platform.  

An ecosystem of apps and digital services that integrate seamlessly with your Buildium account, the marketplace allows landlords to:  


Buildium’s features include the following:  

  • Lead-to-lease tools that streamline your workflow, from accepting applicants all the way to signing the lease 
  • Automated electronic payments and accounting, including 1099 eFiling  
  • Analytics and insights tools to measure and report your business growth  
  • Tenant portals with online payment, maintenance reporting and tracking, and notification capabilities 
  • Top-rated mobile apps (for tenants) that allow you to communicate with your renters, manage work orders, and collect payments 


Buildium offers three tiers of pricing. All plans include:  

  • Accounting 
  • Maintenance 
  • Task Management 
  • Violations 
  • Online Portals 
  • Resident & Board Member Communications 

The three tiers are customized to meet the needs of property management businesses in different phases of growth: 

  • Essential: Starting at $52/month, Essential includes Buildium’s core features and is geared toward small portfolio landlords looking for accounting and task management tools.  
  • Growth: Starting at $166/month, Growth is the plan for property managers looking to grow without worrying about scaling costs. It includes unlimited incoming EFT, unlimited eSignatures, and actionable insights in Analytics Hub.  
  • Premium: Starting at $479/month, this plan is meant for property management firms who want to build more automation into their workflows and increase efficiencies. It includes everything in Growth, plus access to Buildum’s Open API and Priority Support. 

3. Rentometer: Best Landlord Software to Set Your Rent 

best landlord software rentometer

Rentometer® allows landlords to check their neighborhoods' rent “temperature” to ensure the listed rent is competitive and fair. This tool can also help tenants negotiate rent prices with their landlords and make informed decisions about where to live based on the average rent prices in different areas. Additionally, it can provide valuable insights for real estate investors looking to purchase properties in profitable rental markets.  


Rentometer’s features allow landlords to:  

  • Analyze the rental market using API-powered rental analysis tools 
  • Access rent data via a system-to-system connection 
  • Optimize business with rental pricing comparison data and reporting 
  • 3rd-Party app integration to keep all landlord property management software on one organized platform 


Rentometer offers a seven-day free trial for interested clients to investigate their services with no credit card required. Beyond the free trial, they also offer three pricing options

  • Pro Basic is $79 for one year of access and up to 10 pro reports.  
  • Pro Standard is priced at $199 annually with up to 200 pro reports.   
  • Pro Monthly is just $29 for one month of access and up to 10 pro reports.  

4. ShowingHero: Best Landlord Software to Organize Your Showings 

best landlord software ShowingHero

ShowingHero® is a cost-effective solution for managing showings that reduces the number of days a unit remains vacant. This landlord software is a communications management tool that can save time and stress by allowing users to set up showings quickly and easily. 

With ShowingHero, you can schedule showings, receive feedback from potential tenants, and manage all your lease agreements in one place. It even integrates with Buildium for complete lease management, streamlining the entire showings process from start to finish. 


ShowingHero allows landlords to: 

  • Streamline all call and email communications 
  • Manage appointments from within the app 
  • Screen leads 
  • Follow up with applicants 


ShowingHero offers five Hero Packages depending on a landlord’s portfolio size:  

  • The Starter Plan is $22/listing with a minimum of four monthly active listings.  
  • The Pro Plan is $20/listing with a minimum of 15 monthly active listings.  
  • The Star Plan is $17/listing with a minimum of 35 monthly active listings.  
  • The Superhero Plan is $15/listing with at least 50 monthly active listings.  
  • The Enterprise Plan is $12/listing with at least 100 monthly active listings.  

5. HappyCo: Best Landlord Software for Inspections and Maintenance 

best landlord software HappyCo

HappyCo® builds software solutions for landlords who manage multifamily housing. Their software streamlines property management tasks such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and lease renewals. The platform allows landlords to keep track of properties and tenants while saving time and increasing efficiency.  


Managing multiple units is HappyCo’s strong suit. Their features help landlords keep up with small tasks before they become big problems.  

HappyCo offers: 

  • Preventative Maintenance Software: Transform work orders and notice patterns across multiple units or properties, allowing them to address issues before they arise 
  • Schedule, Inspect, Repeat: A HappyCo cycle that helps your team stay accountable by customizing inspections, tracking expiration dates, and using schedules to meet preventative maintenance standards. Push notifications help keep track of timelines, while inspection scoring, dashboards, and drill-down reporting help spot problems and keep staff accountable. 
  • Task Management Tools: Preventative maintenance software helps teams turn maintenance issues into tasks quickly, attach photos and descriptions, and view a unified activity feed for a complete progress picture. 


HappyCo provides custom quotes based on individual real estate portfolios and needs. Their subscription products and services are based on a per unit, per month rate, and a minimum of 250 units is required. 

6. Obligo: Innovative Security Deposit Alternative  

best landlord software Obligo

Obligo® offers an alternative solution to traditional security deposits. It aims to simplify the rental process for landlords and tenants while providing financial protection for property owners. 


Obligo offers the following features for landlords:  

  • Security Deposit Replacement: Instead of collecting a cash security deposit, Obligo provides landlords with a seamless alternative. It offers a range of protection plans that cover damages and unpaid rent, giving peace of mind and reducing financial risks.  
  • Tenant Screening: Obligo's comprehensive tenant screening tools help you make informed decisions and mitigate rental risks by verifying prospective tenant backgrounds, creditworthiness, and rental history. 
  • Automated Claims Process: In the event of property damage or unpaid rent, Obligo handles the claims process efficiently. It facilitates communication, documentation, and resolution, ensuring fair outcomes for all parties involved.  
  • Seamless Integration: Obligo integrates with existing property management systems, allowing landlords to incorporate the platform into their workflow.  
  • Enhanced Tenant Experience: By eliminating the need for a large upfront deposit, Obligo offers a more accessible and affordable rental experience for tenants to attract a broader pool of qualified applicants. 


Obligo's deposit-free pricing starts at $7.90/month and varies depending on security requirements. The service fee is paid upfront for year one and continues in monthly installments upon renewal. 

7. PetScreening: Streamlined Pet Management Solution  

best landlord software PetScreening

PetScreening® is a comprehensive software platform that simplifies pet management for real estate landlords. It systematically screens and manages pets in rental properties, encouraging a harmonious environment for all residents. 


PetScreening offers the following features:  

  • Pet Profile Screening: Prospective tenants can create detailed pet profiles, including vaccination records, behavioral assessments, and photos. Landlords can assess pet suitability based on specific property requirements and guidelines.  
  • Breed and Size Restrictions: Set breed and size restrictions based on property policies, insurance requirements, or local regulations. PetScreening automatically flags pets that don’t meet the criteria, streamlining the approval process.  
  • Pet Documentation Storage: Store all pet-related documents securely within the platform, including pet agreements, addendums, and incidents. Access the information quickly and ensure compliance with pet-related regulations.  
  • Pet Rent and Fees: Calculate and collect pet rent and fees effortlessly through PetScreening. It provides automated pet fee invoicing, payment tracking, and notifications for easy financial management.  
  • Communication Tools: Facilitate communication between you and your tenants regarding pet-related issues. Send notifications, reminders, and updates to ensure smooth pet management. 


Payment options for Pet Owners: 

  • Credit Card: A pet owner's Pet Profile is $25 and valid for one year. It can then be renewed for an additional year for $20. If the household pet profile(s) auto-renew, the charge is $25 for an additional year per pet. 
  • ACH: This option gives the pet owner discounts on the cost of the Pet Profile to $20 upfront and $15 for each additional year.  
  • Assistance Animal Accommodation: If a tenant has an assistance animal, there is no charge to register. 
  • No Pet / Animal Profiles: If a tenant does not have a pet, they don’t need to register or pay.  

8. Nutiliti: Streamlined Utility Activation Management 

best landlord software Nutliti

Nutiliti® is a utility activation management software that simplifies activating and managing utilities for rental properties. It helps landlords streamline utility management tasks and ensures quick and hassle-free utility setup for new tenants.  


Nutiliti offers the following features for landlords:  

  • Automated Utility Activation: Nutiliti automates the utility activation process, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and multiple interactions with utility providers.  
  • Tenant Billing and Allocation: Easily allocate and track utility expenses among tenants with Nutiliti's automated billing and allocation tools. Generate detailed reports and invoices for transparent utility cost management.  
  • Usage Monitoring: Keep tabs on utility usage across rental properties using Nutiliti's monitoring capabilities. Identify trends, set usage thresholds, and receive notifications to optimize utility efficiency and detect anomalies.  
  • Account Management: Nutiliti provides a centralized dashboard to manage utility accounts for multiple properties. Easily update account information, handle transfers, and terminate services when tenants move out.  
  • Customer Support: Nutiliti offers responsive customer support to address utility-related queries or issues promptly. Their team assists with utility provider coordination and ensures a smooth utility management experience. 


Contact Nutiliti for a demo to learn more about pricing.  

9. Baselane: Free Rent Payment Software 

best landlord software Baselane

Baselane® offers landlords accounting and bookkeeping services to help them manage rental properties efficiently. Services include tracking rental income and expenses, preparing financial statements, and handling tax filings. By outsourcing these tasks to a professional, landlords save time and ensure that their financial records are accurate and up-to-date.  


Baselane allows landlords to connect existing bank accounts or open a Baselane banking account to simplify property banking and finance. Here are a few features they offer:  

  • Banking: Baselane offers an FDIC-insured way to bank with no fees, a high yield of 4.25% APY, and up to 5% cash back on debit card spend.  
  • Automated Rent Collection: Automate rent payments, fees, and reminders by accepting rent by ACH or card directly into your bank account. 
  • Landlord Bookkeeping Software: Organize transactions by property and stay organized to simplify tax time. 
  • Reporting & Analytics: Track cash flow and P&L reporting to stay on top of rental property finances and maximize returns. Consolidate all financial data from Baselane banking and external accounts. 


Baselane is a free landlord software but plans to offer premium features in the future for a small monthly fee.  

10. PayYourRent: Rent Payment Software With Added Features 

best landlord software PayYourRent

While PayYourRent® primarily focuses on rent collection, each pricing plan also includes access to additional property management Features such as maintenance requests, tenant screening, and rental applications.  

Additionally, PayYourRent provides individualized payment options to meet each landlord's particular requirements, making it a flexible and practical platform for all kinds of rental properties.  


The following are some features of the PayYourRent software:  

  • Online credit card or ACH rent payments with a zero-day hold  
  • Accounting for payments to match deposit batches  
  • Adaptation to other accounting programs  
  • Features for notifications and announcements  
  • An overview of all your properties' payments and their current status  
  • Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion rent reporting 


Three pricing tiers are available with PayYourRent, depending on the number of properties in your portfolio.  

  • The Rental Plan is $9.95 per month and covers up to five units with one ACH transaction included per month.  
  • The Landlord Plan is $19.95 monthly and covers up to 50 units. Under the plan, you’ll have access to 10 monthly ACH transactions.   
  • The Corporate Plan is the highest tier for 50 or more units, with a rate determined on a case-by-case basis. ACH fees vary for this plan.    

Beyond each plan’s allotted ACH transactions, you’ll have to pay an additional $2.50 per ACH payment and $0.20 plus 2.95% for every credit card payment (3.25% for an Amex card).

11. Resident Interface: Software to Handle Late Payments and Evictions 

best landlord software Resident Interface

Evictions are no one’s favorite task. But thankfully, some software helps landlords avoid these situations, if possible, and navigate them when unavoidable. For example, Resident Interface® allows landlords to handle notices, evictions, and collections. 


Resident Interface is a family of apps and landlord software solutions that include the following services.  

  • Rental Payment Reminders 
  • Rent Collection 
  • Eviction Management 
  • Collections on balances owed after a tenant has moved out  


Pricing details are not publicly available. You’ll have to contact them directly to learn more. 

12. LandlordStudio: Quality Landlord Accounting Software 

best landlord software LandlordStudio

LandlordStudio® customers claim this property management software reduces financial paperwork by nearly 95%, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks. The software also provides real-time data analysis and reporting, giving property managers valuable insights into their financial performance.  


Touting itself as the “simple everything software for landlords,” LandlordStudio offers the following features on its app:  

  • Reporting and Tax Accounting: Generate financial reports.  
  • Rental Accounting: Keep track of rental income and expenses.  
  • Online Rent Collection: Receive secure payments to your bank account.  
  • Tenant Screening: Protect investments by securing the best tenants.  
  • Property Maintenance: Track and prioritize maintenance. 


LandlordStudio offers two pricing plan options: Go and Pro.  

  • The Go Plan is free, offers community support, and allows landlords with three or fewer properties to access nearly all of LandlordStudio’s features.  
  • The Pro Plan is $12/month and is best for landlords and property managers with three or more properties. Additional integration features, advanced reporting, and automations are available at this tier.  

13. First Advantage: Software to Set Up Smart Tenant Screening 

best landlord software First Advantage

With most tenant applications processed online these days, property owners and landlords should be aware of rising levels of identity fraud in the rental housing industry. First Advantage® provides background checks and screening that landlords can trust. 


First Advantage’s features include:  

  • Mobile Identity Fraud Detection: First Advantage uses RightID, a mobile identity fraud detection technology that helps landlords and leasing agents avoid renting to the wrong tenant. 
  • Quick Rental Property Screening Results: Their RightID solution is fast, efficient, and convenient, reducing lease abandonment rates and protecting involved properties. It can be used anywhere, anytime, on the property, or online. 
  • Identity Fraud Protection: First Advantage helps property owners, and landlords protect against identity fraud by evaluating applicant documentation during rental property screening, reducing the risk of identity fraud. 
  • Automated Rental Property Screening: First Advantage uses patented, secure technology to compare government-issued IDs to a live photo taken on a mobile device. 


Pricing for First Advantage's services varies depending on factors such as the type of service requested, the organization's scale, and each client's specific needs. Contact First Advantage directly for accurate and up-to-date pricing information. 

14. Guestly: Specialized Software for Vacation Rentals 

best landlord software Guestly

Guestly® offers services and solutions to manage short-term rentals effectively. The platform allows property owners and landlords to list properties on popular booking sites and manage reservations while providing tools for pricing optimization and guest communication. They also offer cleaning and maintenance services. 


Guestly features include: 

  • Communications: Enable you to stay on top of communications across inboxes, time zones, and languages 
  • Direct Reservations: A one-stop shop for solutions that help you control and increase direct reservations 
  • Finances: A set of features for simplifying and automating complex financial processes 
  • Growth: Tools to help your business grow and scale  
  • Payments: Secure payment methods that help you save time and expand your business 


Subscriptions start at $34 per month for one listing, $51 for two, and $69 for three. If you’re listing more than three rentals, you can request a quote to be matched with a specific rate.  

Guesty offers additional services like Chargeback Protection and Smart Lock Automation for an additional fee. 

Starting Your Search for the Best Landlord Software 

When beginning your journey with any new landlord software or app, carefully evaluate each option's features, functionality, scalability, and cost before making a final selection. 

The best way to start is to explore each software for yourself with a free trial. But if you’re looking to skip the guesswork—and the legwork—hiring an experienced property manager can save you the hassle. Find local professional property managers in seconds by starting your search with APM for free.

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