Are you Renting to Felons

Creative Commons License photo credit: A i t h n e

Are you an individual who has rental property? If so you are being targeted by felons as someone to rent from. The word on the street for convicted felons is that renting from a rental agency or a huge complex is nearly impossible because these agencies do a thorough job of checking out prospective tenants, meaning they do credit and background checks for every single applicant. But individuals have a reputation for not being as thorough.

Now, we’re not suggesting you don’t rent to felons. Maybe you are one, have one in the family, or just have a soft spot for people who have had legal troubles. If this is the case, then you are taking your own property and financial security in your own hands by renting to someone with a proven track record of bad choices.

So, if you want to avoid renting to a convicted felon, its important that you have every applicant fill out a rental application and let them know that you will not only be doing a credit check but a criminal background check as well. And then, follow up and actually do the check. In some situations renting to a felon isn’t a huge risk, but in others, like any case where a registered sex offender is involved, you can have great difficulties with, not only that particular tenant, but your other tenants, neighbors, local vigilante groups, and law enforcement.