Property management associates

In general, the term "property management associates" is another way to describe property managers or management professionals. In some cases, it might denote that the manager is less experienced, or just starting at the company. Still, associates tend to handle the same responsibilities and tasks property managers do; indeed, associates oversee all types of choice and distressed real estate and investment properties including residential, commercial, retail and industrial. From daily duties like collecting rent and coordinating maintenance to long term projects like budgeting and negotiating leases, associates are capable of handling all of these.

The term "associates" is often utilized in the name of real estate and property management companies across the country; they are most commonly used for LLCs, LLPs and corporations. The term generally denotes a team management style or a 'team atmosphere.' Indeed, many companies include the term "associates" in their company name to provide recognition to their employees and as a marketing aspect to potential clients.

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