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6 Things to Remember When Renting to Elderly Tenants

The elderly can make fantastic tenants. The mistakes of youth are behind them, they infrequently engage in criminal activities, and if they are taking Social Security or are pension beneficiaries, they have reliable incomes. Elderly tenants also present some unique concerns for the landlord. These concerns include: Housing discrimination compliance…

Why HOA Dog Breed Restrictions Can Make Sense

People are emotionally attached to their pets, so nonacademic discussions about pet restrictions can be fraught with emotion and controversy. After all, you’re talking about four-legged members of families. Four out of every 10 American households now own a dog, according to Humane Society statistics. This means there’s no avoiding…

Is Seattle a better city to live in than Denver?

The Seahawks won the big game, but would they beat Denver in a competition for best city? These two great cities are places where people live, work, attend school, and play. What if we take a look at the things that affect us every day, rather than a football game?…

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