3 HOA Horror Stories – Don’t Let These Happen to You!

We try to keep abreast of news related to homeowner and condominium associations so as to stay current with the topics and issues association board members like yourself should be aware of. In the course of our daily headline skimming, we’ve noticed a disheartening trend: almost all association-related articles are…

Are You Cashing in on the Hot Q3 2015 U.S. Rental Market?

One only needs to skim business news headlines to learn just how well the U.S. rental housing market is currently treating rental property owners. A recent New York Times article, “More Americans Are Renting, and Paying More, as Homeownership Falls,” explained how an average of 770,000 new home-renting households have…

Q1 2015 Rental Ranking Report – How Hot Is Your Market?

Rental markets across the U.S. are becoming significantly more lucrative. When crunching data for the Q1 2015 Rental Ranking Report, which measures the attractiveness of investment in rental real estate in 75 markets across the country, we were shocked to find how much more favorable conditions are for rental property…

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