Siegfried Park: The Homeowners Association from Hell

Siegfried Park is a Long Island community with a dark history. In a bizarre case that was just settled last month, the German-American Settlement League, the owners of Siegfried Park, a 45-family homeowners association in Yaphank, NY, was accused of committing unlawful discrimination against–well, everyone except ethnic Germans. — Siegfried Park’s Dark History The discrimination […]

Human Trafficking: What Landlords & Property Managers MUST Know

In 2000, 62-year-old Lakireddy Balireddy (sometimes written as “Bali Reddy”) was one of the wealthiest landlords in Berkeley, California. Reddy Realty, his company, owned over 1000 rental properties, on top of a thriving restaurant downtown. He was bringing in over $1 million in income each month; and his Berkeley properties alone were worth $60 million. […]

Residential Fitness Programs: Thinking Beyond the Fitness Center

A few years ago, property managers could buy a couple of multi-exercise machines, a treadmill, and a stationary bike; stick them in a room with mirrors and a TV; and voila: A perfectly serviceable fitness room for your community. Not anymore. Today’s communities are increasingly installing top-of-the-line equipment in their fitness centers, on par with […]