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Residential Fitness Programs: Thinking Beyond the Fitness Center

A few years ago, property managers could buy a couple of multi-exercise machines, a treadmill, and a stationary bike; stick them in a room with mirrors and a TV; and voila: A perfectly serviceable fitness room for your community. Not anymore. Today’s communities are increasingly installing top-of-the-line equipment in their fitness centers, on par with […]

Cybersecurity for HOAs 101: What Your Association Needs to Know – Part 2

Are you a landlord or a property manager? There’s a special version of this post just for you: Cybersecurity for Landlords 101 HOA Cybersecurity 101 In last week’s post, we examined the top HOA cybersecurity risks: from common misconceptions that hurt associations’ security, to the biggest threats that demand our attention in 2017. This week, […]