Q: Are property managers responsible for broken air conditioners?

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Q: Are property managers responsible for broken air conditioners?

Q: Are property managers responsible for broken air conditioners?

If the a/c is broken in a rented house and the temperature is over 90 degrees, is the property manager legally responsible for fixing that a/c unit, getting a replacement, or supplementing it with another form of cooling the rented property? If so, where can I find this in writing?

answer-icon-masterAre property managers responsible for broken air conditioners?Unfortunately the answer to that question
depends on several factors such as:

  • which state you live in
  • whether the lease mentions air conditioning or amenities
  • whether the A/C unit was working when you moved in
  • how hot it gets in your area,etc.

Generally though, your landlord is required to make sure your house is “habitable.”

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This means that if something necessary to make your rental fit for human habitation breaks, like a refrigerator, cook-top, heating system, your landlord must fix it.

Typically an air conditioner is considered “amenities” and not something that will necessarily make your home “habitable,” but if you live somewhere extremely hot, or you have a medical condition that requires air conditioning, that might not be the case.

Your best bet is to see the if the lease directly addresses air conditioning or other amenities, and you might get a clear answer. If not, I would seek legal advice before taking any other action.

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