Quick Tips on How to Sell Your Home

Creative Commons License credit: Gold Coast Real Tours
Selling your home can seem impossible in today’s tight market, but it’s not and the savvy sellers will be able to move their property faster by following the guidelines below.

Price for the Market
Research your market and what similar homes around you are selling for, this is a good guideline. Then consider any repairs you need to make or upgrades you have added to come up with your target price. This may not be the number you had hoped to get, or even the number you could have gotten a few years ago, but you have to be practical for the market today.

Fix the Flaws, Leave the Rest
If your home is in need of some repairs, especially ones that will show up on inspection, go through the added hassle and expense of having it repaired rather than letting it deter prospective buyers. If you?re thinking about redecorating, leave it alone and let the buyer do it their way.

All the World’s a Stage
Staging your home is key to making a sale. Just as a new wall color can change the feel of your home, a fresh, white wall can give it an illusion of space. And you want to make your home feel more spacious and less stylized.

Basically, you want to create a great first impression. Let people see that you cared about your home and that it’s a good sized home that they can picture themselves living in.