Environmental Trends in Properties

Everyone knows its all about the green, but what green do they mean? Green used to signify the almighty dollar, but in the past few years its come to signify a move toward environmental consciousness. And basically, in today’s environmental hot bed, if you want one green, you’ve got to embrace the other.

The real estate industry is no different than others in this respect. More cities are passing ordinances that not only push eco-conscious building practices, but some cities are now passing legislation that requires it. In fact, Los Angeles, the city known for its smog, has put in place an initiative that would make it the “greenest big city” in America. Whether this lofty goal is achievable or not remains to be seen, but the builders in the region are feeling the push of a new comprehensive green building plan.

Creative Commons License credit: thingermejigFor developers this means they will have to forgo some of their old fashioned ways of doing things and take a crash course in environmentalism. Or we’ll see a new type of developer or consultant emerge, one who has a background in sustainable design and environmental studies. Expect to see this trend filter down from the biggest cities in America to the medium sized ones, or the biggest cities in your state, and eventually down to small towns across America. The environmental trend is picking up steam and growing and will likely wane eventually, but it will never go away.