“We Buy Ugly Houses” Names Top 10 Investment Property Cities

Creative Commons License credit: Lucius Kwok

You may not recognize the name HomeVestors of America but you’re familiar with their investment property advertising campaigns. They got famous with all of those billboards and ads that let you know they’re happy to buy ugly houses. And now they’re also happy to tell you where you should be looking if you’re interested in buying up some property of your own.

The company has released their list of the top ten cities that are ideal for investment property buyers. More than half of these markets are in the southern part of the United States. Four of the ten cities were located in Texas with Dallas and Houston topping the list. St. Louis, Philadelphia, Denver and Minneapolis were among those investment property cities not situated in the south.

The press release providing this information doesn’t give any indication as to how the company determined that these markets were the ones to look at. As a result, the publication of the list seems more like a press ploy than a realistic assessment of the market. But since HomeVestors isn’t doing so bad in the home buying market, it may remain a list worthy of at least a little bit of your attention.