How Property Managers Work with Contractors

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Creative Commons License photo credit: thingermejig

One of the best parts of having a property manager on site at your rental properties is that they can handle most of the contractors that are needed at the property. A good property manager can take responsibility for screening contractors and recommending the best choice to the property owner. Additionally, the property manager can be entrusted with overseeing the work of contractors to make sure that things go smoothly.

The first role that the property manager will play in this situation is to identify that a contractor is needed. For example, the property manager may notice that janitorial services are necessary before an apartment can be rented out. Other common types of contractors that may be suggested by the property manager include landscapers, security guards, maintenance and construction workers and trash removal services. The property manager may identify this need on his own or may suggest it at the request of the tenants.

Once the property owner has agreed that contractors are necessary, the property manager has the job of finding the right contractor for the work. This will usually involve doing some online research to find good contractors in the area. The property manager should put together a list of prices and services to show the property owner. The property manager may recommend a specific contractor that seems best for the job.

Once the contractors are hired, it will be up to the property manager to make sure that they do what they’ve been hired to do. The property manager should monitor the work and address any small problems that arise. He should also notify the site owner of any issues. This is an important role to play since contractors are going to be a regular need at any property.