Forming a Tenant’s Association

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Creative Commons License photo credit: AchimH

If you’re having trouble with your landlord or property manager and want to get things done, consider forming a tenant’s association. Most landlords dread tenant’s associations because suddenly the entire group has power and the landlord can feel absolutely powerless. This is actually not your objective, you just want to get your concerns resolved, right?

Gather as many tenants as you can together into your association and begin compiling a list of your complaints. There is probably one big issue that prompted you band together in the first place so make this your top priority. Then list all the other complaints in descending order of importance.

Be fair when you approach the landlord. Collect a list of your complaints and the tenants who have joined the association. A good landlord will deal with your major problem immediately and will listen carefully to your other issues. Try to understand that there may not be the funds available to handle all issues immediately and perhaps some of the tenants can band together to solve some issues.

Use your association as a way to improve your living situation through cooperation and a combined effort, rather than as an attack front aimed at the property owner. But do use the power of your numbers to get persistent issues resolved.