National Property Management Association

The National Property Management Association was created in 1970 as an organization whose main purpose was to boost the reputation and careers of property management professionals. Over the years the NPMA has expanded to include property managers from almost every profession, including colleges and universities, healthcare, government, technology and manufacturing as well as traditional property managers.

The NPMA is determined to provide its members with information on current and new regulations and legal information as well as helpful tips and guidelines that will assist you in your professional endeavors. Continuous learning makes you a better professional and gives your clients a superb service that will further your reputation in the field.

Turn to the NPMA is you?re looking for information on legal and regulation issues, maintenance procedures, contract requirements, risk management, buy vs. lease questions, tax strategies, value added property management techniques and many other topics. Use the information provided to top professionals to further your knowledge on the topic as well as your reputation and standing in the community.

By joining a professional group, such as the NPMA, you will expand your professional network and boost your credentials, which in turn makes you a more desirable and in demand property manager. It?s one of the best moves you can make professionally.