How to Handle a Property Insurance Claim

photo credit: 60secs

If you’re filing a property insurance claim then there are a few things to keep in mind to make the process go more smoothly and in your favor. The first thing is that your insurance company will rely upon a claims adjuster to meet with you and negotiate a deal. The thing to remember here is that the claims adjuster is working for the insurance company and not for you, they’re trying to get a deal for the insurance company and this goes for anyone that they may hire to evaluate or repair your property. The way to get the best deal from your insurance company on a property insurance claim is by negotiating yourself and finding your own contractors.

Once the claims adjuster has given you an estimate of the damage, seek your own estimate from other contractors that you trust. Go ahead and get more than one estimate and present your insurance company with this information. Don’t blindly accept the bid given by their contractors as they may do a sub par renovation. You also shouldn’t feel pressured to accept everything the insurance company says, they’re not experts in every field and although they may hire so-called experts, you may not agree with their findings. By standing up for yourself and doing a bit of the leg work on your own you?re more apt to get a fair shake from your insurance company.