Being a landlord is easy but being a good landlord takes work and effort. Follow the landlord tips listed below to be the best you can be and to get the greatest response from your tenants.

Get it in Writing

Get everything in writing so that there is no confusion or room for errors. This not only prevents conflict but can protect you in case of future legal actions against you.

Screen Tenants

Even if you know the tenant or on the other end of the spectrum, you?re sure you?re not going to rent to a particular person, screen them. If they?ve filled out the application then your best bet is to formally screen every single tenant just to make sure you?re getting the information you need and this too may protect you against possible discrimination suits.

Be Available

Be the sort of landlord that your tenant can contact with problems and pay attention to their complaints. Sometimes quick action on small problems can prevent huge property damage in the future, i.e. a leaky faucet could be a clue to larger plumbing problems.

Provide Security

Most tenants want security and appreciate not only a secure building but additional measures that ensure a lighted parking area, well manicured shrubs that people cannot hide behind, and locks that work and are never? propped open.

Act Fairly

Treat every tenant fairly and with respect. This applies from your first contact when them until you determine how much of the security deposit to return upon their exit. Fairness throughout will keep your reputation sterling in your community.