The Crooked House Poland

Put all the polish jokes you’ve ever heard aside and check out the polish architecture in this unusual house. The Crooked House was built in 2003 and was the brain child of Szotynscy Zaleski who was heavily inspired by the children’s illustrations created by Jan Marcin Szancer for fairytales and by the artwork of Per Dahlberg.

Located in the Rezydent shopping center in downtown Sopot, Poland the Crooked House has become the most photographed building in the whole country.

The home features three stories and is built with the surrounding buildings in mind to give it the feel as though it belongs in the area but perhaps melted or sagged out of exhaustion. To add to the illusion colorful stained glass windows are part of the entrances. The roof is meant to mimic how a dragon’s scales may look. It was covered with sheet metal and then different colored enamel roof tiles were layered on top to give it a feeling of depth and movement.

Although officially termed a House, the Crooked House actually houses several tourist attractions including a few restaurants, bars, and shops. If you’re intrigued by the architecture of this house and would like to make it one of your tourist destinations then you’ll be thrilled by the rest of Sopot as well. Sopot has a very storied past and is situated on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea.