Home Inspection Basics

Home buyers are constantly told that they need to get a home inspection before they make the big purchase.? But why the concern, what can a home inspection tell you that you don’t already know or that the home seller hasn’t told you?

Home inspectors have a checklist of items they’ll be checking for. It’s a good idea to follow them on their walk through. If possible see if they have an additional checklist for you to make notes on.? Expect to examine the structural elements, the exterior, the roof and attic, plumbing, electrical, systems and components, appliances, and the garage.

If you’re concerned about a specific issue such as asbestos, mold, radon, insects and rodents and lead you’ll need to find an inspector who is licensed in these areas. General home inspectors are not required to check for these hazards.

Your final home inspection will not have a condition list for every item inspected, just the segments that appear to in poor condition or in need of repair. Your home inspector in most cases will not give you estimates on the repairs, this is a task you’ll have to research yourself.

Each state has different rules regarding home inspectors and the inspection and there are several professional organizations to which home inspectors can belong. Look for referrals from other home owners and realtors as well as professional accreditation.