How to Break a Lease

Change is a fact of life and quite often you can’t prepare for the change before it comes up and smacks you in the head. Some change is great and makes your life better and some change is for the worse but most often change has a little bit of each element. One bit of change that can be bad for both a tenant and a landlord is a lease that has to be broken because of a life change.

If you’re in the position where you have to break a lease take a look at the original lease you signed. A lot of leases have an early-release clause which will let you get out of the lease early with very little penalties. This is of course based on your reason for breaking the lease, you can’t break it just because you want to, but a divorce or a job transfer will most likely qualify.

Then go to your landlord or the property manager immediately and explain to them the situation which is causing you to break your lease. You’ll find that people are more understanding and flexible if you’re honest with them as soon as possible. They don’t want to be put in a bad situation and may be willing to let you find a subleaser to fill out your remaining lease, or they may let you go without any further obligation if they can find a replacement lessee.