How to Keep your Pet in a Rental

Molly the cutiest
Creative Commons License photo credit: Per Ola Wiberg (Powi) recently completed a study that found that 84% of the respondents owned a pet and more than a third of those people said they encountered difficulties in finding a rental that will accept their furry companions. For some getting rid of their pets is out of the question, for others it’s unfortunately a too easy choice and the overpopulated animal shelters are a testament to this problem.

But don’t despair, if you have a pet it’s not impossible to get a rental. First of all you need to know a bit about the breed you own. People with pit bulls are obviously going to have a hard time convincing someone to let them rent with a potentially dangerous breed. But if you have a well behaved pet that is not a known aggressive breed, you stand a chance of convincing your landlord.

Look for individual landlords are they’re more apt to be flexible with the rules whereas large rental corporations are not. And then be willing to prove to the landlord that you’re a good pet owner and that your pets are well behaved. Let the landlord meet the animal and have your routine vet bills available.

And if all else fails, put your money where your mouth is. Some landlords will find an additional security deposit satisfactory, others will want a little bit of a boost in your monthly rent. Use whatever bargaining chips you may have to keep your treasured pets with you and be persistent, there are ways to rent the apartment you want even with a pet.