Home Building Trends for 2009

Well, another year is upon us and its time to sum up where the home building trends are headed for 2009.

Smaller is Better

The McMansion has seen its day and homes are getting smaller and more multifunctional. In fact, some homes are getting downright tiny.

More Storage

Don’t think of the walk-in closets of the past, but imagine compact storage areas where every inch is used and thoughtfully considered. Basements and attics will become more important.

Outdoor Living

As the green movement builds, spending more time outside is becoming fashionable. Look for green space at home that can be converted into functional living space.

Green Features

Speaking of the green movement, home builders and home owners are looking to incorporate more environmentally friendly aspect into their homes.

Priority Technology

It would be hard to ignore the importance of technology in our everyday lives, so homes are taking that into consideration and adding computer areas and home offices, dedicated electrical wiring, built-in speakers, nanny cams, security systems and other technological conveniences.

Kitchen Companions

No longer trying to ignore the importance of the kitchen, home builders and decorators in 2009 are focusing on the kitchen as the center of activity at home and formal dining rooms and living rooms are becoming secondary if not tertiary.

If you’re building in 2009 use these trends to keep your house up to date, no one wants a new house that looks outdated. If you’ve got a home, but you’re looking to update it focus on the tips above to make it more functional and a trendsetter.