If you live in a condo and are looking to change your management or to hire your first manager then there are a few things to consider. The first is that you need to run your condo as a business and select the management firm that will provide the management services that you most need. The Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing prospective companies and then contacting their references to see how other condo associations have fared with each particular service. Price should also weigh into the equation but make sure it’s not your only criterion.

Before signing a contract with a management company you need to spell out all of your requirements and the job duties in writing so there is no misunderstanding about who is to handle what tasks. This may change over the course of time and as it does there should be a new contract or agreement written and signed by both parties or representatives thereof.

Once you’ve hired a condo management company the Board of Directors or the President should not waste their time micromanaging, but trust the company you’ve hired. Initially you’ll need to supervise some activities, ask for resident’s impressions and keep an eye on things, but after that its time for the condo management firm to take over and do its job.