Decorating Around Leather Furniture

Leather furniture has become quite popular and with good reason, it’s incredibly durable, comfortable and beautiful. The problem comes with having purchased an impressively large piece of leather furniture and then not knowing how to decorate around your leather furniture. The following tips can help you bring your room together around your leather furniture.

Lighten Up

Whether you have dark leather or light leather, leather furniture tends to give off a heavy feel, especially if it’s as large as a sofa. Turn the heavy feeling around by lightening up around the room. Incorporate lighter colors, softer and airy fabrics, and smooth, soft textures.

Natural Fibers

Leather is an incredible natural material and brings a feel of earthiness into your home, the worst thing you can do is pair leather with loads of synthetic fibers. Look instead at bringing more natural touches to your room; natural fibers, colors inspired by nature, floral or leaf prints, and even living plants.

Simple Touches

Leather is a big statement and it can easily be overwhelmed by decorations that are too fussy or too busy. Use simple statement colors to balance out your leather furniture. Floral themed throw pillows are a nice feminine soft touch for the couch, but flowered wallpaper would just be overwhelming and contrasting in style. Try to be simple in your approach and limit your decorating sense.

Decorating around leather furniture takes a little effort as you’re looking to find elements that complement a significant piece of furniture. Think about the overall picture when you’re decorating the room to create the effect you’re working towards.