Earthquake Preparedness for Landlords

If you’re a landlord or property manager in an earthquake hot spot then you know how terrifying and destructive this natural disaster can be for your tenants and property. You can help prevent some of the damage and reduce the level of anxiety a bit by making sure you’ve prepared your property as much as possible prior to an earthquake.

Take a look at your utilities and make sure all of the connections are flexible and that there are no defective or leaky lines. Make sure all large appliances, including your water heater and furnace, are bolted to wall studs and secured in place. Check with your gas company to see if they recommend a valve that shuts off your gas in case of strong vibrations. Overhead lighting fixtures should also be firmly anchored in place.

If you have a furnishes apartment or built in storage, make sure that the doors fasten shut so items do not fall out or fly around the room causing more damage.

If you have had earthquakes in the past and feel that one is probably likely in the region of your retail units you can give your tenants a package when they move in providing them with instructions to survive an earthquake in the safest way possible. Highlight the safest places for them to retreat to during the earthquake and instruct them to check for gas leaks and possible electrical damage caused by appliances shifting and shaking, you’ll want to make repairs immediately.