Railcar Home for Sale

If you’re interested in finding a unique home or a second home, there’s an interesting property for sale in Portland, Oregon. But one would assume that this particular home could be moved to just about anywhere as it’s inside a railcar.

In 1949 this train car was created to be a sleeper car but after it served its purpose it was purchase and renovated by Marc Riera. The 85 foot long car has only 807 square feet but the 10 foot ceilings make it seem roomier. Even though it’s rather small the interior is very modern and features stainless steel windows, grid connection, incinerator powered toilet and DSL.

Currently the home is located in Portland on a private lot but it still could be pulled along any existing rail line to be relocated. The lot it resides on now rents for only $150 a month. The biggest bonus of this home is its not technically real estate so there are no property taxes attached.

For a small space the price ticket is a little high, it’s currently for sale $225,000. But you will be saving in property taxes and you’ll be doing your part to save the environment with a very ingenious form of recycling. And imagine the wow factor when you show your friends.