Prevent Crime at Your Apartment

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Renters are hit by crime more than people realize, but by working together landlords and tenants can help prevent crime at their apartments.

Security Requirements

Check with state and local housing agencies to see what the security requirements are for rentals in your state. Make sure that your residence is complying with all requirements that relate to the safety and security of the residents.

Do a Walk Around

Landlords and tenants should do an annual walk around of the property together. Look for entrances that might not be locked properly, spots that seem poorly lit, bushes that criminals could hide behind and any routine suspicious activity.

Communicate Frequently

If you are a tenant then you should let your landlord know immediately if there seems to be any criminal activity occurring in or around the property. If you are a landlord and a crime has been committed, let the other tenants know so they can be more watchful of their property and possible criminal activity.

Encourage Community

Say hi to your neighbors and get to know them. People are more likely to look out for those they know than complete strangers. Landlords should get involved in this also and know every tenant by name (if possible). Create a feeling of community in your residence and you?ll find that people are happier and more charitable.

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